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Hi There!

Let’s get the professional stuff out of the way. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in Film Production. I worked on multiple film sets before deciding I didn’t enjoy all the highly produced aspects of movie making and would rather pursue documentary work. That’s when I ventured into the wedding industry. I got married the year before and wanted to stay local to Arkansas, so wedding’s just fell in my lap. I fell in love with telling stories through my work and showcasing the raw emotions of the day. I’m very sentimental and can find joy in knowing these wedding videos will live on as a snapshot of history. Since starting in 2020, I’ve shot almost 100 weddings in Arkansas.

Now for the good stuff, I’m a massive animal lover. You'll see photos below of my two babies - Bella (cat) and Luna (dog). I’ve been married since 2019 to the love of my life and there is nothing better then spending time with my family and friends. I'm a dedicated reader and dreamer. I love God and I love my home!


Okay, enough about me! Let's talk about your wedding plans. Contact me below.


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*Behind the scenes photos by Sarah Caldwell


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